With more than 50 years’ experience working in the automotive sector and over 20 years in recruitment, Pybus Recruitment is the name you can trust to find dream jobs for ideal candidates.

At Pybus Recruitment, we are well connected within the automotive world and our specialist knowledge and hands on experience give us a unique perspective and understanding of the sector and all the different roles within it. We pride ourselves on matching people with their ideal jobs, considering our people’s unique circumstances, aptitude, and character. This enables us to find the perfect fit for both our candidates and employers.

We also understand the diverse levels of experience and qualifications required for the varied roles we recruit. At Pybus Recruitment, we offer a personalised service to both candidates and employers, taking the time to understand the needs and wants of both. We support candidates with everything from creating the perfect CV to interview preparation and supply automotive employers with good prospective candidates, drawing on our knowledge of what it takes to work in the different roles within the industry.

A call to Pybus Recruitment puts you in contact with knowledgeable professionals with the human touch, setting you on the right road to the perfect job or employee. Get in touch to learn more.